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Created with the objective of being a reference in Brazil and Latin America in orchestration, automation and multi-cloud governance solutions, O3S' mission is to make companies agile in the midst of the complexity of the hybrid , public and private cloud.

Since the beginning of operations, multi-cloud projects have been implemented for large telecommunications companies and in the public sector, rapidly increasing the level of partnerships with leading manufacturers in the sector, such as Morpheus , Rancher , Suse , HashiCorp and Zadara , with dozens of certifications and cases, as well as building an ecosystem of partnerships with AWS , Huawei , Google and Azure .

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Currently, with more than 15 major clients already operating in the private and public sectors, among them some of the largest institutions in Brazil , Mexico , El Salvador and Argentina ,

O3S managed to consolidate itself in the market as a reference company in multi-cloud solutions, being the best experience for those seeking innovation, quality and commitment in each project.

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