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Zadara develops storage-as-a-service solutions that can be used both in the cloud and in on-premises environments. It is an enterprise storage model that supports any type of data, protocol and location. Choose block, file or object storage. When configuring, choose the protocol, capacity, throughput, location, and any advanced data management solutions you want to add, and only pay for what you consume.


On-demand, zero risk cloud services

Access fully managed IT infrastructure on demand. Pay only for what you use. Increase, decrease or turn off at any time. No long-term contract or CapEx hardware investments.

Hybrid solution by design

Simplify complex distributed infrastructure, whether on-premises, across multiple clouds, or at the edge. Centralize your management resources and provide the most cost-effectiveness for any workload.

Security, Policy and User Management

Rancher lets you automate processes and apply a set of user security and access policies to all your clusters, regardless of where they're running.

Shared Tools and Services

Rancher offers a rich catalog of services for building, deploying, and scaling applications in containers, including application packaging, CI/CD, logging, monitoring, and service fabric.

Global reach. Local appeal.

Deliver the performance and reliability your customers expect, regardless of location. Deliver low-latency edge services with Zadara's existing fully managed clouds or a global base of 300+ MSP partners.


Take control of your data with Zadara's secure design infrastructure, data protection solutions and our global network of partners. Isolate your data with click-to-provision options for dedicated controller-level storage.

Centralized and easy monitoring

Access Zadara's simple dashboard-based cloud management. Web-based interface to monitor your applications and infrastructure with visualized dashboards, automated monitoring and alerts, and detailed reporting.

24/7/365 DevOps Support

Free your IT staff from ongoing maintenance. Zadara offers 24-hour proactive monitoring and support and continuous updates, backed by our industry-leading uptime SLAs.

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Elastic Compute Down para uma única VM

Nuvem compatível com x86 ágil e de alto desempenho. O provisionamento de instâncias de autoatendimento pode ser escalonado bem abaixo do preço inicial de soluções de ponta concorrentes.

Balanceador de carga

Roteie o tráfego de acordo com as considerações do aplicativo ou da rede e distribua a quantidade de capacidade de computação e / ou rede necessária.

Armazenamento de bloco elástico

Armazenamento em bloco de alto desempenho e fácil de usar projetado para uso com zCompute para cargas de trabalho intensivas de taxa de transferência e transações em qualquer escala.

Armazenamento em Bloco

SAN corporativa, usando iSCSI, iSER e Fibre Channel nativos.

Nuvem Privada Virtual

Seu próprio data center privado dedicado e isolado dentro da infraestrutura em nuvem da Zadara - uma rede virtual para projetar e alocar para atender às suas necessidades.

Armazenamento de Objetos

Isolamento de recursos para segurança e desempenho.

Leading companies around the world trust Zadara.

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